What tools are used for panning a camera?

I like to post on this section of the site as little as possible but I need an answer. If one of you mature people has an answer for me I would really appreciate it if you were to tell me what tools are used to pan a camera around an area. I would also be greatful if you could tell me what video editing software would provide some effects and lighting to my movies aside from the post processing.

Noclip into the air, take out the camera (y’know, the one below the toolgun), point at the object you want to pan around and hold E. Now just hold A or D and you should pan around the object.

And Sony Vegas 9 is good if you’re serious enough about film-making to want to buy it.

Wow, thanks a lot. I’ll go try this. How much is Sony Vegas? I know I can look it up but just for a quick question.

It’s about £570.

Yeah, it’s best used for serious film-making in addition to machinima.

If you dont want to buy Sony vegas download the crack


(User was banned for this post ("Warez" - Uberslug))

(User was banned for this post ("Warez" - Uberslug))

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Warez are illegal though.


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