What Type of Gamemode Should I get on my Server?

I’m getting a server on Tuesday for a clan I’m in. I was thinking of TTT or Deathrun, never played Jailbreak. I was going to do DarkRP, but then I would need an LUA coder, and I fail at LUA. I can only make jobs, and half of my shipments don’t work. I have a $55 budget. What can I do?



Ultimate Chimera Hunt.


Yeah, just do Fretta and add what you want.

More about minigames


Hey glados it’s Neenja I hope that you are still planning on opening your TTT server sooner or later I would like to see more quality TTT servers instead of the Rdm and troll fails servers I have played on before.

Server will be opened in about an hour. Any other suggestions?

What gamemode are you going with?

Trying for TTT.

Whatever you do, you need to set yourself aside from other servers and not become just another copy+paste server. Ensuring security, LUA coverage, gamemode modifications that set you apart, and a well-thought out staff will ensure your success.

I agree 100% to that, although these things are hard to do sometimes, like having a Non-mingy staff that wont abuse admin powers :suicide:

That’s easy. All you have to do is give people you trust a lot admin and have the gamemode not be DarkDM.


whyyy theres like 100 ttt servers already how about a fun fretta server instead


Any working versions of Stranded.

Stop putting up a TTT server so you can have control over your player base, I hate that. I put up servers when I feel there should be more servers running the game mode or if I don’t like any communities. There are 100 TTT servers, you’ve got to like at least one community.

When it comes down to it, to answer your question, host your favorite game mode.

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The first part wasn’t directly towards OP, just gmod in general.