What type of rust player are you?

Hello gamers of the rust community I am new’ish here and thought I would drop in with my first thread. ‘What type of Rust Player are you?’

So basicly the idea behind this thread is to express what type of Rust Gamer you can see yourself becoming maybe a Bandit or a Builder or even a Mayor? Share why you would like to become this kind of player below and how you plan on achieving it. I will use a format, feel free to steal it but you don’t need to use one. :smiley:

Type Of Player: City Designer/ Defensive Player.

Why I would like to become this sort of Player: Although many people see the enjoyment out of killing people on games like this (which is fine) I really am just looking forward to the crafting and building system, it looks really clean and neat I feel that building my own Walking Dead Woodbury would be my desire in this game. And the Defensive Part, I just like the defensive strategy, I have never been an Offensive player unless I am playing Halo or COD XD.

Team Player or Lone Wolf: Quite difficult for me to say as I don’t feel I could trust many players on the videos I have seen but I would get rather bored alone and can’t run my Woodbury Alone so both really… :L

Best part you can for see about rust and why you like it: Mine like I have previously said is the crafting system, as a Mapper and minor scripter I love making things on servers. Hence why I used to run some servers. :slight_smile:

Leave your views and thoughts below!

Format (If necessary)

I’ll bite. While I’m not playing Rust ATM. When/if I do:
Team player/Player Killer (Murderer)
Builder (When it suits me or to use up materials collected)
Offensive player.

The great type

I’m the kind that played for a few hours then quit around the time the Rust subforum was created.

Well thats interesting I suppose but you can’t complain you got it for free! Be grateful!

The kind you can trust.

The kind that doesn’t have a key.

The kind that has a key but didn’t play for longer than 5 minutes
no you cant have my account

Type Of Player: (lately) Murderer

Why I would like to become this sort of Player: (tbh) I’d rather have more of a community role (helping out an actual community)

Team Player or Lone Wolf: (currently) lone wolf

Best part you can for see about rust and why you like it: innovative and new. We’ll see where it goes from here.

The kind that doesn’t do much after selling his arms for a key.

i am a massive faggot and hate you all

I can complain all I want. If someone gave you a free pile of shit, are you going to complain or thank them for the pile of shit?

The type thats waiting to get a key

Im the type that gets killed all the time and rages about it on the chat

I’d be the kind of player that camps on a hill overlooking a building/structure where you can find useful materials and just snipe everyone…

Im like little rat. Kill when u can’t see me.

The one who can barely play because it runs at 10fps on lowest settings

The kind who played for a bit then realized the community is shit and stopped playing.

Accept its not actually a shit is it? Its a game that many people enjoy. So if someone offered me this particular ‘shit’ I probably would thank them… And I don’t see why everyone is so Hostile towards this game? No sense of Community here at all…