What type of server would you like to see more of?

What type of server would you like to see in the gmod community? To clarify, would you like to see more rp server using dark rp or something new. Maybe you’d like to see more build servers or any other game mode?

I would like to know your opinion!

Original gamemodes. Stuff we haven’t seen before, or radical changes upon stuff that already exists. Something fresh.

I would prefer that too, but it seems no one downloads them so servers use the conventional ones and woops we have a circle!

I’d prefer more build servers.

A build server without wire.

I’d like to see a build server that has a system that allows players to choose whether they want to be flagged for player vs. player fighting or not.

The build server I own has that, although it needs to go under a few minor reforms.

Fight servers. Deathmatching with wire, forts, etc…

Fortwars w/teams would be 1337.

So true. You win.

vanilla build servers
i’ve seen one in the past year

more Zombie Survival servers

Vanilla Sandbox.

Servers with these gamemodes.

We have enough of the others.


Have it so that pvp damage is disabled as default, but you can ask to “duel” someone, so the pvp protection is lifted. Sort of like the list that lets people use your props in that adminmod (I forget the name).

Servers on flatgrass or flat construct, that is just mindless killing, except with barrels only.

A good well monitered sandbox server on gm_flatgrasswater that allows player vs player fighting with gcombat. And without mingebags that put 50 deathrays on a buggy.

I have something kind of similar, now that DainBramage quoted you.

My server has PvP damage on, but if you really don’t want to be damaged, you can just type !godme in console.

Not the same, but it still works

I liked that mario box minigame, but then it got ruined by all the bloody powerups, especially the damn nuke one.