What type of train should I make?

Anyone have any sugestions on what type of train I should make next?

I personally love the 4468 Mallard but i can imagen that being very hard due to the smooth round shape of the hull.

Armoured train

You’re supposed to post contraptions here Tboy. A question is not a contraption

Armored train with guns and shit… like a post apocalyptic themed one


This This This do it.

Thomas the train ftw?

That or build the rofl train, it runs around with a lol trail and can also fly and be a rofflecoptor…



A armored train with rocket launchers… xDD



Armored Train.

Tank train with cannons and stuff.


make a genesis

Kudos if you make multiple ***armored ***cars for the ***armored ***train.

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Hahaha, I knew it.

That’s how we say it in AMERICA, Commies.


over head electrics

Thankyou, Lawliet >.<

one that has real seats and floor that opens so ppls can jump of some where and can fly

Here you have my favorite site. A lot of cool, mostly never realized, projects.

Sorry for this completely off-topic post but does anyone know a site where I can upload pics and then put them on a thread? Not filesmelt because it wont work for some reason.

Tinypic. Imageshack. Photobucket. Just google it.

K, ty.