What up witn PhoeniX?

I downloaded PhoeniX map parts that EVERYONE seems to be using, thinking they would be extremely useful to building. they were. however, when a save file on my garrysmod i made has any of the building pieces (2x4, 4x4, etc.) on it it deletes all the buttons, hydraulics, ropes, welds, anything i put there using a tool. All gone. and, i tested this, its ONLY the PhoeniX parts. does anyone else have this problem or knows how to fx it? I greatly apreceate all the help i can get.

Don’t use save games. They’re fucked.

Adv. Duplicator.

SVN tutorial:

Delete all your non-svn addons and get svn.
Oh and adv duplicator is included in Wiremod.

Why doesn’t garry fix it/remove it? It’s teasing the new guys to a point where my friend didn’t want advdupe because he had saves. I told him “It’ll break sooner or later on you” and he said “No, i don’t need that” about advanced duplicator.

Advanced duplicator should be included!

No. Not gonna happen