What vehicles would you like to see in GMod?

Well, i don’t know where to put this, so it’s here.

Hi guys, what vehicles you would like to see in Garry’s Mod?

NOTE: Don’t request vehicles, i don’t know anything of modeling and Lua programming.

Fucking Motorcycles. :aaaaa:

Id like to see a little more choice then the jalopy and the scout car.

Maybe a motorcycle like Moja said, or we could have fun types of vehicles like things a new player would find fun (bathtub cars and more)

I would like to have some tanks or armed vehicles

A range of helicopters made from the guy in the WAC thread, a bunch of cars/trains/planes/boat models, etc

Something large, heavy, very slow and very destructive.

Also something small and contained that allows for safe travel in an otherwise hazardous environment (Think traversing through a zombie infested tunnel in a cardboard box.)

I would suggest a meatwad. Yes. A rolling meatwad.

P.S. Make it swallow props too when you roll over them.

I was thinking of an ice cream truck, personally.


[li]Depending on the damage, the music will become distorted and eventually cease functioning, and the back doors may fly off[/li][li]Headlights[/li][li]Several different ice cream truck tunes, toggle between chimes, digitized, custom, and off, and you can add your own music[/li][li]Several different vehicle bodies, colors, and patterns[/li][li]Slow speed[/li][li]The ability to sell (and eat) ice cream from it (RP only)[/li][li]The job for ice cream man has a special outfit (RP only)[/li][/ul]
Edit: I just found out yesterday that I have an ice cream truck model that I never knew I had. I’ll post a picture of it later.
Edit 2: Never mind, I don’t know how to insert them.

CH-47 and a V-22.

Alyx :smug:

A dick just to please those fricking stupid people who come on servers and drive around a dick but dont weld it right or do something wrong and crash the server.

definitely more boats and cycles sports preferably

Thought about all the NFS Shift cars
with these features:
-Realistic damage(bumps,doors falling off,breaking windows,breaking lights etc.)
-Realistic Suspension
-Functional lights
-Car radio
-900 degrees of wheel rotation
-Manual gears
-better handling(ability to drift and stuff,would be useful for rally)

also bikes,trucks,helicopters,boats,planes and tanks.

Oh,and this guy:


You bumped a 2 week thread. Look at the date before you post PLEASE.

all vehicles from GTA:IV

all gtasa vehicles. it’d be great if someone with the required Lua and modelling experience got here and made some requests reality

all the new british army vehicles being used at the moments

THEY ARE AWESOME and you can use the jeep or jolapy codes for them

vehicles that have different engine noises rather than the old hl jeep noise.maybe some jeeps and hatchback cars.without any bugs, that the main thing NO BUGS!

A 1970 GTO Judge convertible.


You’re the headcrab, driving the zombie :smiley: (and not Zombie Survival game mode stuff :<)

I’d really like to see the Combine APC too.