What version of 3D Studio Max do you use for porting?

I hear 9 is bad compared to 8, but right now just curious on what you guys use.

Max 2009+ usually have more support for modding tools and SDK shit. For example Crysis tools work for them but not 8, and other tools etc.

Max 8 has a better support for HL2 stuff (.SMD importers/exporters) but apparently very recently Cannonfodder has updated his .SMD importers/exporters to work with 3DS max 9 and 2010, so there’s not a lot of reason to keep using Max 8 and earlier now.

I suggest getting Max 2010 since it probably has everything you’ll want now.

I like 8. I like it’s “simpler” layout and I’ve grown used to it.

I use 6 for hl2.
I loved using max 4 since it used to have the most support for games. But they seem to have moved on to the new ones.

Personally I love 3ds Max 2010 and would suggest it for porting, Porting morrowind models is a breeze for me and I see many plug-ins available. The layout looks extremely slick, clean , and professional.

I just wish I would have had 3ds Max 2010 before I started porting the Soul Calibur Weapons with Softimage XSI .

But compared to the other ones I can not give much info.