What version of Hammer should I be using for Episode 2?

I’ve been away from mapping for quite a while and now there are updated SDK’s for games like Portal 2 and Global Offensive.
Should I start up one of those versions and change Hammer’s settings so that it’s using Episode 2 content? Or can I only be using Episode 2’s version? Which I think is 2006 and/or 2009?

I don’t even know what version I’m using to be honest, I had to use the .exe from the Half Life 2 directory because the SDK in Steam Tools gives me errors.

Use hammer in steam/steamapps/common/half-life 2/bin

and then select the episode 2 configuration.

Yeah that’s what I use, I was just hoping it was possible to use one of the newer versions of Hammer.
That one is SO old in comparison and lacks a lot of new features.

Like? The new ones only really have new compile tools, which don’t even work with Episode 2.

There are tons of new options in all of the menu’s. I’m seeing stuff to do with HDR and something called ‘sprinkle’. It also seems to run smoother as well.
It’s also nice to have all the extra information in the entity report.

the extra info in entity report is nice, Sprinkle doesn’t work, that HDR stuff has always been there I think.