What version of lua does gmod use?

this is like the 3rd time i’ve been motivated to install lua and use it but my hopes get crushed by the fucking archaic nature of trying to download lua. i want to know what version gmod uses so i dont screw up and kill bind

for coding i mean


if you aren’t joking you don’t need to install Lua

oh i meant to code lua in vscode
i have like 50 hours in gmod

You need to install anything special for it. There are some extensions for vscode that can help though

anything special? i just want to know what version of lua gmod supports

also what are the extensions

there’s a couple but this one sounds good

damn it i can’t run the file because there’s no glua debugger

by version of lua i mean like the actual lua version downloads you find here
edit: i mean here Lua Binaries Download

wait, I think I have a solution, one second nvm i still cannot find a debugger for glua