What was that addon called?

What was that addon called where if you run into a wall you take damage

Run in to a wall ? Are you sure about that ?

The runintoawalldamage addon? Idk

Are you talking about people dying when running into a wall. If so its not an addon, all they are doing is just macroing a -kill command and hit it as soon as they run into the wall. Not sure about damage.

There was a mod for it, It made you take “velocity damage” I remember.


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Does anyone know the name of the addon?

EDIT: Or can anyone at least try to make a script like this? Basically you run into a wall and take like 5-10 damage based on how fast you ran into it, if you walked into it you take no damage

I want to say that there was something like this in a parkour addon, but I can’t remember what it was.

Have you looked at the parkour addons?