"What was that noise" Zoey walking trough the sewers

Practising gun posing since when S-DoF works again I got a couple of ideas to pose/edit. The not working Super DoF is ruining my pics :saddowns:


So here’s a single character to the left of the picture. Interesting.

My excuse is not working Super DoF

Thats a poor excuse.
Not bad posing though, but its pretty boring imo.

Oh come on, some action for once! And not against off-screen enemies.

You always say you’re “just practising x”… you’ve been doing this for a year now you should be doing something at least a little interesting.

But everytime I did It was either utter shit or I didnt even release it. Maybe I should just stop this.

Cry some more.

Seriously I don’t understand the problem at all. You’ve got lighting down and posing is good enough… so just do something more original.

“More original” doesn’t mean you have to do something with 1000 explosions and other special effects like Vman and Joazzz. One of my most successful pictures is just 2 ragdolls… but the idea is a little original and it took around 5 hours to edit and, as such, the quality shows.

I’ve said it once and I’ve said it a million times: get some inspiration - play some video games, watch some films, listen to some music.

You’re always posting L4D pictures. Surely something has happened on L4D when you have played it that was a shit ton more interesting than Zoey staring off-screen?

or maybe try to get better? Isn’t that what practice is for? My first explosion edit wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t top notch either. You can’t expect everything to be extremely good the first time you try it out.

Experimentation and practice is the only way to improve. If you’re too scared to try something then you’ll never get out of this generic shitstorm.

With all the tutorials lying around and with private-messaging and Steam there is no excuse with helping hands right around the corner.

And you need to be patient too. Making good stuff in gmod and editng can take time. But the more time you put into it, the better the results should be in the end.

Well I seriously dont know what I should do now but I guess you guys are right. Doing the same thing over and over again is getting boring for me as well.
I aint doing another picture until I have a good idea thats for sure.

Yeah there’s no rush. Like Chesty said, just go look for some inspiration or something like that.

I like the lighting

Its the only thing to comment on lol
Thanks :buddy:

Light and pose and expression is spot on. Now let your muse seduce you:smile:

great lighting as usual

Gotta agree with everyone. The lighting is superb.

So a sewer is a gray wall?