What was the best creation you made, but got banned for it?

I got banned for making a realistic fin plane.

Now it’s your turn.

I created a trojan horse that shat helicopter bombs out of its ass. I didn’t even get to save a dupe of it.

I once got banned for “Spawning dupes from garrysmod.org that you didn’t make” because I spawned my Roflcopter, even though I did make it (I’m Pac by the way)

I made an ACF/Fin2 ROFLboat.

Bump :3

Spacebuild orbital Dick cannon.

Goatse that launches brown explosive barrels.

I covered spawn with rope wall so people couldn’t camp the outside.

I got banned on a server([sp]Banana Bunch[/sp]) with no clear rules. [sp]I bet banana lord will browse this and tell me to read the rules on the forums[/sp]

Clark: Do what
Amari killed byb@l jinjerbread using ls_sniper
Sunshine teleported to Hobo (STEAM_0:0:27566115 | Guest)
Clark: What I do?
LaserBlade has not been made Mayor!
● mikeawesome (STEAM_0:1:58416346) connected
Payday! You received $45!
Sunshine cleared all props owned by Clark (STEAM_0:0:39962440 | Guest)
bloodwaffle has been made a Citizen!
heckYea killed MRMobs using weapon_m42
Warning: killicon not found 'weapon_m42'
● Mr.Camel (STEAM_0:1:25444518) connected
Hobo has not been made Mayor!
Jamie killed Winrar using weapon_ak472
Amari killed BoBoBoy using ls_sniper
Hobo: dirty faggot
● It'sJames8itch (STEAM_0:0:47456098) left
heckYea killed thekooldude1 using ls_sniper
MRMobs has been made a Gun Dealer!
Clark: Great got to start over
bloodwaffle has been made a Gangster!
models/hunter/blocks/cube8x8x025.mdl isn't in the whitelist!
Sunshine banned Clark (STEAM_0:0:39962440 | Guest) for 1 hour (Rope spam/Minge)
Disconnect: Banned for 1h (Rope spam/Minge).
Disconnect: Banned for 1h (Rope spam/Minge).

I don’t think I’ll be playing on that server anymore as people go gangster and 187 cops on sight. The Admins or mods that were on the server aren’t the best either.

Shake dat ass indeed.

i’m perma’d for asking if an admin’s vibrator was on high

no sleep was lost that night

Well I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Banana.

I’ve never gotten banned, so…

Banana Lord didn’t ban me. Assuming you meant him and not his community.

My ROFLcopter
Now, I didn’t get banned for it, but the design got banned on Sn1pe BuildRP because the guy I’d sold it to for 10k started giving it out, so soon so many people were using it at the same time that massive lag ensued and the dupe got banned