What was the first addon you downloaded?

Mine was in GMod 2005 I downloaded PHX, whats yours?


I bought Gmod and TF2 to use wire :v:

Prolly some noobie crap like a swep that fires kittens

PHX pack. Then Wire.

Two of my favourite addons.

I think it was actually the Botmap V2 addon thing when i joined the Xuras server.


NightEagle’s css weapons because I HATED the recoil of the css weapons that came with gmod. I didn’t even know about wire or phx.

Stacker. :smiley:

Portal gun

The strider cannon swep

Some Vehicle Pack.

75 best sweps pack


a shit ton of sweps, ragdolls, and skins

Probably PHX.

Sweps… friggin loads of sweps, all were probably crap. Being new, I wanted to kill, and of course, destroy something.

Wire and phx, the basic crap, then i loaded my gmod folder with a fuckton of sweps and one that shot mingebags or something.

Evocity v2, and some sTool pack with a bunch of essential tools. oh, and a buncha ragdolls :smiley:

Garry’s Mod Deathmatch.

PHX, wire, a bunch of maps, a bunch of SWEP packs, and a nuke pack. Most of it is deleted now though.