What was the patch about?

Just updated Rust,what was it?

The last time there was an update without patch notes it turned out to be cheatpunch

they increase girth of penis

Interesting ill take a look next time

If you update the atleast give us a changelog

What do you mean “atleast”? Getting an update is good, not bad.

I think there point was simply that no one likes being kept “in the dark” about what an update does… but if it is testing out a new anti-cheat system I can see why no log would be given. If it’s part of a larger patch, I’d imagine the average hacker would be a lot more cautious… but a lot of people have steam to auto update all games, so it may catch “part timers” off guard.

I think they added “Durability control” I saw some servers with 200% durability live.

Not necessarily, this mini-patch is causing a slight stutter for some people.

If the update was regarding the anti-cheat software i can see why it wouldnt be mentioned. But if its a content patch or a hotfix i think a changelog would be necessary so we as alpha testers can confirm or test the change

oh the entitlement. This isnt our game. They dont have to tell us if they go and take a pee. They have literally zero responsibility to tell us anything, especially with a little update that may have no change in gameplay. (And if you say they do because you spent $20 you are wrong. You chose to spend $20 to support a new game. No contract was signed)
Ok…phew. /rant

Yeah he’s right, we are just use to getting them everytime

i’ve noticed this in the February 25 patch. Before that patch, i would get at least 50 fps, and now im lucky to hit 45 fps…

Ya, don’t get me wrong. Its in Garry’s best interest to keep us in the know so that we can be good ‘alpha testers’. Some ppl just mistake that as a right.