What was the video with the aeroplane talking in a phone box

I don’t know if this is in the right forum but a few years back before I joined YouTube I watch a video created in gmod and the most memorable part of it is a talking aeroplane that is talking to someone through a phonebox. I just want to know the name of the video so I can rewatch it and add it to my favourites for later use. I’m asking you because you would have a better memory then I have! Thanks in advance!


this sounds like something i’d say when i’m high

War of the Servers?

Just to clarify things around my post, I watched the video I was describing sometime after I got broadband, so around 2007-2008 I saw this. And “the person” I mentioned the aeroplane was talking to; was it’s mother, and the plane looks like a jet if my memory serves me correctly. Hopefully this narrows it down.
I would really love to see it again!