What was today´s update for?

Is there a changelog somewhere for the released 34mb patch today?


Just some simple bug fixes and stuff for crashes/freezes



Just a prepatch :wink:

I don’t know really but there is stuff disapearing in crates, furnaces and other containers on the servers I play on. Anyone else has that problem or heard something about it?

We added a new branch (called staging).

We were in the situation where if we went a week without releasing an update, and then found a big problem that needs urgently fixing… we’d have to put that big patch out to fix it.

We’re now in a situation where we can patch the live/staging branch at any time… and when we’re ready to release a bigger patch we can just merge everything from the dev branch into it.

Today’s patch was just a re-alignment to that system. A few smaller fixes went in (like a freeze bug). You’ll probably notice a bunch of anti-cheat files in the root folder too. They’re not being used yet.

What might this ‘big problem’ be?

He was talking in general terms; there is no specific big issue at the moment, they are just making it easier to deal with any issues that might arise in the future.

It’s the 7 'P’s. Proper Preparation & Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance :wink:

Oh, it seems I misread that. There was just one specific problem that I had in mind…

Lol fuck you hacker you thought you were the “problem” soon enough

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Any word on if this patch fixes the rampant rubberbanding I’m experiencing in game?

0 word on nothing ATM