What was your easiest raid?

Sorry if this has been posted before but was wondering on what was the easiest raid you have done…
Mine was a water base, straight after jumping on to foundations from water was added, the base had full armor front and sides on the first 2 floors, for some reason they left the rear walls as twig, managed to raid them with a rock lol
There was considerable loot also, enough for me to armor the rear 2 floors and also enough guns to last me until the next wipe.

most of my easy raids are those rock bases, the houses on top of rocks that people complains. a lot of them are poorly built and i just build a tower using 2k-3k wood, jump on the ceiling, get instant access to everything.

the raid that gave me the most loot i think it was back then before the C4, when we could only destroy buildings with melee and you had to continuously hitting, if youd stop, the building part would become invincible. there was a giant fortress (maybe 20x30 at least), with loads of room and locked door. for some reason there was a wooden window accessible by jumping from a stairs on the outside. after destroying 1 single wooden window bar, i got in, walked in that maze for what seemed 30minutes, then found the huge lootroom. after i looted all of it, 15minutes later the server wiped :frowning:

Yeah quite a few rock/tower bases aren’t that hard to raid, even if the top two floors are stones its still only 2 stone to get through, I tend to leave my elevator shaft open at the top and nothing on the ground floor and armor the top floor before the bottom. Still getting the knack of raid towering though, especially when its very close to tool cupboard radius

Raided one crybaby on our server last night. Every time he gets raided, he screams hacks, exploits and abuse. Claims he has incredible security, his base designs are increadible, etc. But really he’s just a retard and won’t listen to anyone.

Well we found one of his group’s bases last night. We didn’t know whose it was until we got in. But this thing was the epitomy of retardation. At the core was an armoured 2-storey 6x4 with 2 layers of armoured walls beyond that making it an 10x8.

Now, this wouldn’t have been too terrible had it not been built right next to a ROCK that you could get to on top of without any effort. And I’m not talking within towering distance. RIGHT UP to the rock. Didn’t even have to jump far to land on his roof. Just run off and hop. And to top it off, his roof was only stone. Took a couple of us only a few mins to pick through that. And lo and behold, his main tool cupboard was sitting out in the open on that floor.

We then picked down through the floor down to the main floor which was his loot room. We made away with so much shit. Hundreds of rounds of ammo, gunpowder, sulfur, guns, etc.

Haven’t seen him online since. Not sure if he logged in and saw the damage and left or just hasn’t been on yet. But I have a series of screen caps of the raid so he can see for himself how it went down.

This was easily the biggest “big score” I ever had. Minimal effort for HUGE reward.


Screen shot of how easy it was to get on the roof…

One random night I found myself looking at the server list scrolling and scrolling until I stumbled upon a Russian server.
This server had no one on,not a peep. As it stood ,spawning gave you a generous kit to start off with and if I remember correctly this was before damage was incorporated to tools.
Needless to say while exploring I stumbled upon an enormous occupied area that comprised of about 30 bases of all sizes. After scoping the area out I began to see that the bases around me all had doors…with no locks.
At first I thought it was just this huge town someone built but, upon entering the first base I found I was dead (pardon the pun) wrong. There were occupants. The first all the way through every base I went to.
And it was there,on that server that genocide occurred.
Needless to say,without resistance, I ended the massacre looting upwards around 180k MF,100k SF,numerous weapons,ammo, and everything one could need. I ended up rejecting alot of items because I was to stacked.
Of course, I felt like being a dick,just because of the stupidity. So, I took myself and all my loots to the ocean and drowned myself :dance:

Two day ago I saw that a new base was built near my main base… it was 3x4x3 first floor all armoured, there is an incredible amount of spike around the base and you have to follow a path off spike to get to the base and in front of the door, the furnace was burning inside so there should be someone near by. I was naked so why not I’ll look at it, When I came in front of the base I saw the green light of his code lock… to good to be true… I get in and nobody, there is no other door inside, I went to the second floor and clear the list and authorize myself on the cupboard, I go down then put my code on the door… could not be easier than that… lol

Then the owner came back and find he was stock outside... He shout "what the f... are you doing in my base", "How did you get in" ... I was about to tell him and thinking maybe I should give his base back... but he begin to cry and insult me, acusing me of hacking and all you can imagine. I took one of his bolt and Bang! Never heard of him again...

Lol you lucky bastard xD

The Easiest Raid Me And My Friends Had Was Breaking A Wooden Door And Getting Some Thompson’s,Assault Rifle’s And Other Stuff

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Cheeky Little Bastard :rock:

Lol whats up with you and capitals?


The easiest raid is when I find a raided house with a bunch of boxes and renovate it for almost free compared to the price it was built for. That is the biggest raid ever. Spares hours of crafting/building.

is that even still a raid?basically the house i raided already your like just claiming the house your own you didnt even do anything regarding with guns or c4

Not really a raid but I get the idea. It’s true that a already raided base that just needs a few renovations is probably the biggest haul you can get. That’s alot of time. On the Texas 2 server I went around remodeling houses and selling them to newbies. I would quarantine part of the house until they would pay me the full amount for it. I made lots and lots of wood off of them And I didn’t really have to do anything but put up a couple doors.

Yeah not really, but it is a thing, lot of the players dont really use. You gave me an excellent idea lol. It is not that you have a bunch of free houses to hide stuff at/sell, but you can simply reuse the whole stuff again after being raided. Especially fun to do this, if you sell the house multiple times, they slowly expand it, and you take it back every time they are raided.

This is not a raid but it was along the same line of accomplishment, actually more so. I set up a trade hut had sign in ever direction pointing ppl to me. It became so well known on the Texas 2 server, now after the wipe everyone is asking when the trade hut is gonna be rebuilt. It was a blast creating a safe zone in a completely open area. I never had more than 1 wall of protection but since so many ppl loved it that whenever I would get attacked half the server would gear up to defend it. can’t wait to rebuild, we we’re so profitable that it was better than raiding. Ppl would bring me all the resources and I could stay in one place relatively risk free. Now nobody steal my trade hut idea at least on Texas 2 official server :wink:

Broke a single 1st floor wall with C4, they had stairs to every room and none of the doors were locked. Got like 50k frag from furnaces and a lot of other stuff.

You would love playing rust factions.

I read up on rust factions and it sounds interesting but I have a problem with it. There are so many rules That the administration enforce. The fun for me is creating the rules in game naturally instead of artificially. For instance I can say I want to form a merchants unión and instead of an administrator enforcing the rules it would be myself and allies that are responsible. I love seeing the response of ppl when they see civilization in the middle of chaos and they wonder how it’s possible. I do really like the RP aspect of the rust faction idea, RP is best when ppl do it naturally tho