What was your first gmod fort like

What was your first gmod fort like my one was pretty bad made out of lots of soda machines please leave a comment also im new to Facepunch so this is my first thread also if you would please subscribe you can cheek the progress of the thread and replie to comments.

A bunch of neatly placed wooden crates, and NPC turrets.


And then one of the turrets got knocked over and my game crashed. Took me at least an hour to place all those damn boxes.

wow nice one for a first fort ps thanks for commenting

Mine was a crappy combine one made with the combine spawnlist.

Mine was a stupid hut made from blastdoors and fences, on flatgrass respawn area. Every time I spawned I got stuck to some crap.

Many large containers, turrets, swinging rope traps.

wow these are all intresting first forts i didnt expect to get so many replies and views in a couple of hours thanks guys.

My first fort was a Container painted blue…
it had lots of combine things in it :smiley:
and a combine soldier but i had to has ignore D:D:D:D:D:

Yea i did i fort with lots and lots of combine stuff in it once it looked pretty LEET.

I Had a combine Dropship by the side though :smiley:

that make it obvisious that it combine.

Or does it… <.<


i was gaybowed :frowning:


Just finished a zombie outpost…
Made out of bits of metal and breakable wood :smiley:
Unfortunately a nuke still killed me

Back in gmod 9 when I did not know that you could freeze things. I made one with some citizens.

My first fort was also my last one, because I made a HUGE wooden fort, and some guy was thinking he was funny, so he ran through my fort with a jeep. The server crashed.

My first fort was with those large containers and an RT camera, then someone deleted it and said that it was making them lag :frowning:

A blue container upside down.
It had a TV! :smiley:

Then i went Rambo with the phys-gun inside it.