What was your first impression when you started rust

I felt something like this

I felt naked

So true. Lol.

NSFW for those at work since OP didn’t bother warning

i felt like shot

Why the heck do these people keep shooting me!?!?!?

I thought it was pretty awesome, until I got killed about 100,000,000 times after spawning. Doesn’t seem that I can move 5 feet anymore without someone killing me.

Best. game. ever.

This is a really cool bullet to the back of the head

People , who are dying , try to hide.

I felt like reddit is cancer

“Meh, this game is pretty decent I guess. It’s 2:00 AM, I’ll make accounts for my friends in the morning.”

And then open beta signups closed.

That’s a nice suggestion and all but gathering resources requires putting yourself in situations where that’s practically impossible. It also doesn’t help that on a server with a decent population, most of the areas with an even moderate amount of resource spawns have been claimed by people that will KoS anyone trying to harvest them.

As for my first impression of this game, it was something along the lines of “this rock is soooooo slooooowwwwww” followed by “this shack is soooo tiny.” Then it became “oh god why is this guy trying to murder me with a bow?” I killed him with my recently crafted stone hatchet and took the bow though so it was an overall positive experience. =D

My first impression was rust isn’t optimized.

if anyone hasnt watched the video at the top DONT DO IT IT SCARES U FOR LIFE!

WTF did I just watch?

My first thought was Where the **** am I?
And still to this day it’s much the same :smiley:

I ran to the top of the mountain chain that bisects the island thinking “Oh I’ll make ‘The Great Wall of Rust’ to split the island in two” then after going to the north side of the island, I realized that there isn’t anything there except for trees (no rocks or wood piles) and decided to go make a base near a rad town instead. When I was up there, though I got the entire layout of the south side of the island and so I know where I am at all times.

“Wow, this game is really cool. Wow! Look at that, its a bear!”
Turned into:
Which then turned into:

Pretty good all in all.

“First order of business… where can I get pants and a gun?”