What was your first job in RP?

My first job was way back in GMOD9 on ovis city, I was a shop worker.
What’s yours?

I remember it like it was yesterday…GMC old RP(rp_hometown) server, the first time I joined, a guy “welcomed” me in the server and tought me the basics of RP, he was kind of rich, so he let me work at the TV store, so I could sell TVs and rent the only camera that was there.


In general minge, i’m guessing? Tell me wrong.

my first job was lolshotcop

Gmod 9 Ovis City, I was a french melon salesman. I still remember some dude coming in and shouting “DEATH TO YER MELONS!!” and punching them all and I was like “AEEEEE MY MELONS!!” Presses alarm

Then the cops came and arrested him. :fuckyou::hf::razz:


I was a doctor, it was on melonbrew if I remember.

Trucker, still is too. Hence why evocity is so big and getting bigger… much bigger.

I was a feetwasher :smiley:

i was a gangster, i went around shooting citizens and cops with a glock. then they respawned and i just shot em straight away. it was so fun i am great at rp

Possibly just a random store assistant. I can’t fully remember now.

Cop… and then I got permabanned.

Ahh… GMOD9 was the good days of rp…

I was a drug dealer at rp_hometown ( first version ) had my stocks hid at the roof of the apartments. This sob told me he needed some stuff right? So I told him to meet me at the movies. ( back then we had to put our jobs next to our name, his was a undercover cop so ICly I didn’t know. ) Anyways fast foward 5 mins I was caught and thrown in jail. Damn cops shot my goods in front of me and mocked me.

Ahh the good old days where everyone rped nicely…



went in a server and some guy made me admin and i got some admin class :smiley:

Ahhh, The good old days, 2 years ago, My very first job was a Gang Hitman- That soon changed to “Assassin” :slight_smile:

Heh…My job was a Mob Boss when I first RP’d in Half Life 2: Deathmatch…

If I can remember correctly, I was a DJ back on this old rp server, I can’t remember how we got the sound to work, but we did! It was epic!

“Supreme Commander Of Dark’s INC” was my first job, which basically consisted of me hiring people to work for me and do various jobs for my company, which was against the server rules to make one, but instead of just banning me they RP’d the servers “Official” military (which the server did have and wasn’t an on-the-spot-bullshit thing) trying to shut me down, ended up disbanding after a week cause everyone that wasn’t a part of it had there RP stopped dead after we started that little war and it wasn’t fair to them.

Then I became a trucker for one of the admins company’s (which he wasn’t allowed to do either lol). Ah good times when servers weren’t full of bullshit scripts and actually let you spawn props and use the fucking toolgun.

Used to spawn the big money stacks from CS:S and load them into the back of my truck and drive to the bank, back when people used there imagination a little and didn’t need shit to do (read: lua coded items) something for it to be used.