What was your funniest moment on Gmod?

What was your funniest moment on Gmod?


I remember it was a half year ago there was a guy on my server creating something with wood called
“The Thruster Machine” and me and a friend were watching it when he worked very hard on it and when he was finished with the thrusters and stuff he said “This is the thruster machine” he activated the thrusters and the whole stuff got broked and he was like oh shit… me and my friend laughed like for 4 hours hahahaha damn good times…

I remember this one time on a DarkRP server a few months ago…

Me, plus a few other guys were RPing. There was no admin.

Mingebag joins

Thankfully, he keeps to himself for a while, and we didn’t realize what he was.
Then the mingebag notices that I have an MP5.

Mingebag: Lol, wherred you get tthe machingun/?
Me: I bought it from the gundealer.
Mingebag: Im too lazee to go finde him, so give me tthe gun, or els!

Mingebag runs down the alley at me with a knife, and I shoot him in the chest, killing him.
Mingebag screams over the mic for 5 minutes
You hear his mom yelling at him to stop screaming
Yelling and slamming can be heard over the mic
<insert name here> has disconnected (lost access to internet service) like the computer had been broken or shut down

Me, and the other half-dozen people on the server: epic fail >:D

Typical mingebags lol
he probably got grounded for one year

Phsyco kitten your story changed.

I was on a server with my friends and we were all making a giant robot. When we were done, one of my friends gets in, tests the main guns and then the whole thing promptly explodes because someone left the soda-can model GCX guns the wrong way round.

Apparently an admin spawned an armed nuke with the soda can model. I wired it up to a number pad input and set it down in a gunshop that this guy worked really hard on, ran away, and BOOM. Ruined everyone’s props and broke all the windows in the map :smiley: . It’s not often you find nukes in rp

The moment i entered a server with 12 people once, I didn’t see anybody. I spent 10 minutes looking for people. Then, I realized they had attached balloons to chairs and had been floating in the sky the whole time. I laughed so hard…