What was your most Favrioute thing you have done on Garrys Mod Multiplayer?

What was your most Favrioute thing you have done on Garrys Mod Multiplayer?
Mine was in Rp_evocity Raiding the police nexus with 30 people.

spamming servers till the point of crash.

Flying on VTOL aircrafts.

Playing Military Roleplay…

Stealing kids’ money printers and guns in DarkRP.

spelling favorite wrong

Building a crap helicopter that everyone seems to want a ride in

building a dumpster ship that would clip through the world but not props or players, then popping out of the ground and ramming people to death

someone got pissed and put an opaque wire hologram around me that played a loud sine wave. I just typed “stopsounds” in the console, attached a camera to my ship and rammed him to death some more

Pressing ‘Exit Game’.

Pissing on the toliet… Wait… Playing HL2RP as A CP

I took part in a GMod gameshow once with quizzes and challenges, which was pretty fun

Watching a kid rage over mic.

Making a big ass tube-slide in gm_construct going down in it with 14 other people on a frozen zombie’s back =D

Stacking up hundres of containers clipping in each other in a pile and scaling it using props as steps ect

we named it “mountaineering” :eng101:

Angering Admins :smiley:

You should have called it containeering.

Getting banned from the first server I joined when I first I bought gmod. Spawned too many large objects at once.

killed someone on a build server and a admin put me in a cell thing and i managed to escape it and stood behind the admin who banned me, when he turned around i said hi and he banned me for hacking

I was once building with a friend (Timenova) on a random flatgrass server, and I built a huge fort made out of containers. A kid of like, 10-13 joined and starting mic spamming for a while and attempting to RDM. He then decided he wanted my fort, so he said that if I didn’t give it to him, he would “hax” us. I naturally told him to fuck off, and what happened next is probably the funniest thing I have witnessed in gmod multiplayer.
He went to the center of the map and “haxed” us. This constituted spawning as many of the HL2 effects as the server allowed (which was like, 5) whilst telling us to leave now or be hacked. He said that the effects were a “rift” in the fabric of the server. He then proceeded to ragequit after we just laughed at him.

I once really pissed off a roleplayer who was trying to act like a hardened war veteran and I was just acting silly.

Made him ragequit :v: