What was you're first Gmod/Server experience?

What was you’re first experience? I remember my first server was a DarkRP server, it was fun to be a cop and play with the stock market and put criminals in jail. But later on I began to dislike the server because of biased admins who always defended a girl who broke rules.

Joined ICannt sandbox server, did not know what the fuck was going on, everything was an error. (Didn’t have wiremod installed), the server is gone now, it was DDoSed too much.

Joined a server in 08, no addons, built a cargo container car, had fun.

I joined a ZombieRP Server and got banned twice then that’s where I learned to RP

TTT on digdown, there was a corpse at the water shoot and the detective was checking it out, I was told I shouldn’t go up the elevator else I’d be killed by a traitor. Didn’t know what the hell to do in the game but it was so fun.

Played sandbox singleplayer for a while, messing with wiremod. Joined a server with my friend and we made an automatic door with expression 1. Don’t remember what server, was just generic sandbox on construct.

I think it was probably DarkRP, but the early, early, early version of DarkRP. It had an interesting concept. Little did we know it would grow to be so big (Or did we?).

Was on some sandbox server running Hometown1999 where people posed HL2 characters around to put some “life” into the map. Didn’t go anywhere since prop protection was non existent and we screwed everything up, including the computer shop… gameboxes were all over the place.
Was tons of fun though and felt more sandbox than nowadays :v:

Joined a Sandbox Server, ran around and had a massive deathmatch with the other players.

Joined a server to play something called “Dark RP” which my friend had told me was quite fun and random.

Loved it ever since, no matter how shitty and horrible some servers are.

Joined a sandbox and there were rednecks everywhere.

first thing i built was a staircase made out of couches

In '07 when I first got gmod, I nearly got banned for spawning too many large props. I remember the map being one of the freespace ones

Mine was Noxiousnet Zombie Surivial, it took bloody so long to download all content(remember, there was no FastDL) but it is a very fun server.

Digitalsoul roleplay server on GMod 9, running oviscity. I made a computer shop and could actually sell props rather than everyone saying “lol I’ll just spawn one myself” nowadays.

I gotta admit, roleplay was actually pretty fun back then. And yeah, ovicity gives me nostalgia now and so does that hometown2000 map. Plus, most of gmod is now about TTT and DarkRP that there are few people now that are creative and wanna build stuff anymore using their imagination.

Went into some server when I didn’t have CSS yet so the gun/player/map models were missing and some kid was shooting me when I spawned screaming “Learn how to play!”

joined a server got banned the sec i spawned for being American :confused:

Some zombiesurvival gamemode that I remember being the thing everybody played. End of the round played Mortal Kombat (movie) song. Pretty fun. Gamemode died a while ago I think.

Old Gmod9 server on a flat map with loads of space.

There wasn’t many settings on it if I recall and being the nuisance that I am you were able to spawn the old dynamite without restriction and it would kill players. Though I remember my first server on Gmod 10 being an RP server.