What weapons sound fitting for Rust?

I was thinking Jerry rigged weapons, like spears, slingshots, etc.

oh im ok with making mass production weaponry out of metal ore with my bare hands

Lol, I’m pretty sure we would all do that in an apocalypse. XD

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Also, do you know what didn’t read the sticky means?

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Also, do you know what didn’t read the sticky means?

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Also, do you know what didn’t read the sticky means?

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Also, do you know what didn’t read the sticky means?

I think that they should focus on the basic game right now(Stabilizing the server getting rid of those pesky speed hackers and how you can float through walls) , instead of adding in additional weaponry. Don’t have a key but I read a lot of the posts

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Meant to hit agree (pesky iPhone!!!)

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Its fine

would be cool to see primative weapons
and guns more respected
and ammo scarce

The thread that is “stickied” at the top of the forum so it doesn’t get hidden: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1283939

bolt action hunting rifles sound good

A couple of old machine guns you can put on your tower and fire away.

[sp] kidding. [/sp]

A couple of different assault rifle skins just for personal taste would be fine. The list of guns available now is actually fine with me.

i actually really like the weapons how they are now, and as much as i’d love a sniper rifle it would be OP since the only thing i dislike about the weapons is the range of how far the bullets travel, m4’s seem to have the most range and will always win against long range engagements if the other person has a 9mm ammo using gun since the bullets just dont travel that far… this is an issue that should really be dealt with in the near future.

Sniper rifles but you have to build.your own scope


I would prefer some kind of melee or throwable weapons, couse guns should be in this game valuable, same goes for ammo, the gun could 1-2shot kill someone but ammo should be limmited or hard to aquire, you can then bluff with empty gun just to scare people off. But again, i think that this is late game issue, now is primary to stabilize servers and fix bugs… etc.

MG3,that needs 2 people to build and place it.It’s a mounted machine gun,that cannot be operated by one person.

Throwing Knives,Spears,Javelins

how about some more melee? like machetes, hunting knives, basball bats etc.
But if you’re looking for guns, i would implement like a crossbow or something, maybe a sniper rifle.

We need the weapons we craft to jam more, i’d never be able to craft military grade weapons using nothing but a camp fire and a bunch of rocks lying around.

I’d love to see makeshift shotguns from old pipe and springs and nails.

did you seriously tell that to Craptasket

my sides are full of shitting my pants atm

Make at least one sniper rifle but make it hard to get. That way you can reward the good players by giving them good guns.