What weapons sound fitting for Rust?

The ability to make a scopeless sniper rifle seems fine by me as long as the scope is so difficult to obtain and can only be found, not crafted, that it would essentially be a hunting rifle.

Or in contrast just make hunting rifles and do the above idea for scopes.

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Its alpha and these are more or less just place holders.

I’d say some makeshift weapons ala Metro 2033 would fit perfectly given the way weapons are crafted in the game. This would require the weapon modeller to get creative though.

As for melee, maybe more specialized gathering weapons? Like an actual axe to gather wood from trees faster, a pickaxe to gather more materials from stones and a butcher’s knife to gather more food and cloth from animals.

For sniper rifles, I don’t like the idea of a perfect sniper rifle seeing how easy it would be to kill someone at a distance in the game, my previous house overlooked a ton of other houses and if I had a sniper rifle I could pick everyone in the other houses through the cracks in my walls.

Maybe make a sniper rifle with a huge bullet drop? Planetside 2 does this and it does make sniping at a distance pretty challenging without being bullshit hard.

Anyway, seeing how the game has a pretty short view range right now (everyone seems to disappear after 100 meters or so), I don’t see snipers as being necessary until the view range increases. Assault rifles are enough for now.

I think they should add a bigger variety of pistols like .45 and .50 calibers

Makeshift or improvised weapons would be a nice touch like a 2 x 4 with nails on it.

make shift guns, huh?
l would do a google search but i’m afraid of the NSA