What will break in GMod when GMod 13 is out?

As much as I toy around in GMod, I don’t understand how coding and technical stuff works. So when I heard that addons in the current GMod will break when GMod 13 is out, unless I change their coding in some way, I started to panic. Can someone please explain how this change of code works and what kind of addons and gamemodes it applies to?

I suppose this might help


Lol, I doubt that tells anything to someone that has no clue how to code LUA.
Let’s just say it will brake alot of addons. But most of the popular addons have been already fixed for the Gmod 13 ^^

I assume most of those fixed addons are seen in the Workshop? There are still some of my favorites I’ve yet to see there, but there’s definitely still a lot. I’d like to see more of RTB and ApocHedgie’s model packs and some old Sgt. Sickness maps (like that HUGE Evocity map) fixed for 13…

Why would models break?

Models themselves would not, but addon packs etc might. Bit of lua here or there etc etc.

I really am behind on my knowledge of Gmod13 but pretty much most extensive addons will break. Specifically any with a UI.

I’m still baffled at why people think literally EVERYTHING is going to break.
In fact If I’m correct the only reason shit is going to break is because garry made small changes to lua and without changing that, it all breaks.

Not sure if you’re referencing my post, but you did quote it 0_o.

I’m aware not everything will break. Most popular or larger addons will break though. Not saying they will be hard to fix at all. I think the main thing that would take time to fix is anything that uses datastream.

Although like I said, I know nada about gmod13 :slight_smile:

I was quoting you not referencing you :wink:

Fine, then im going to quote you and reference the fact I’m sleepy.

Gnight sir.

Thing is, because fundamental stuff (such as fonts, file reading, a few derma things) have all changed (albeit slightly (and for the better!) ), a lot of stuff breaks completely. It’s all easy to fix for a Lua programmer, but your average joe wouldn’t know what to do. They have to rely on someone to fix their addon, and be nice enough to upload it again

I’m kinda glad that a bunch of shit is being wiped out by GM13, gives programmers a chance and excuse to fix errors that already exists too.

What are you saying boy?

Oh, I see… If it has lua, it’ll break. So it applies to a lot of custom stools. Am I on the right track here? What about models and maps? If the don’t have their own lua, will they be fine?

I havent read everything stated here ,but i put all my old addons into "legacy addons". Most of them seem to work. Tools from old gmod is broken though ,but theyll get fixed in time hopefuly.

It also means I’m going to have to fix two different gamemodes I didn’t write, fix my own code that I wrote a year to three ago all while lacking the time to do much in the first place.

Fun times.