What will i need to Start a DarkRP Server

I’m looking for Things That will get me started on a good RP server i have Dark RP And a server

What else will i need?

You need:

-To get rid of DarkRP

Then you have a good RP Server

You will need about…
Basically what the guy above me said.

What kind of experience do you want to offer on your server? How serious will your roleplay, if there is any, be? Is there a theme? How much work are you willing to put into running everything?

You need to answer these questions before we can really help you. If you’re just looking for addons, I would recommend not really actually having any, and focusing on making it a good experience. It’ll make your server stand out more than flying spiderman pcmod repairmen with CoD guns (I’ve seen roughly that twice, and it was never done as well as it could’ve been).

You need a brain and an IQ above average.

Because there is already a fucking loadsa DarkRP servers. They are a cancer. So unless you are smart and artistic enough to get original, don’t try.

Insomnia, are you my twin brother?!

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Anyways, Try and be original, Code some neat things that other servers don’t have.
Have a good team of admins, And do some things to alter the experience every once in awhile such as a map change.

Just some of my ideas.

You can also add me and I will be able to help you out. Just click the steam icon below my profile pic and it will take you to my steam page.

You need a server with AT LEAST 24 slots. You need webspace for a FastDL connection. You need some smart friends who are capable with lua.

You also need lots of time. Although anyone can make a server. ‘How’ does yours differ from everyone elses?

You should also have a domain name and website for forums etc.

In total you need over 70 dollars minimum a month to pay for it.

Holy shit 70?
First of all, You can buy a website for 4$ a month. And You likely wont need 24 slots to start with. 20 would be a safe bet. And when you consistently have 10-15 players than raise it.

For 23.50, There is a 24 slot xenon servers available, And godaddy .com domains start at 7.50 a year.
So a little over 30.

And, You can latch onto a server group like I did and use their website for your forum if they already own one.

A gun and one bullet.

No. Xenon will likely terminate you if your server gets attacked at all.

OP, you just need to make your experience as unique and enjoyable as possible. You can go about that with addons, modifications and a great staff. But the best things would be staff and completely custom content.