What Will You Being Working On?

With developer preview coming up soon, I’m pretty hyped about getting a spiritual successor to Garry’s Mod. But since I know there’s a lot of other coders out there, I wanted to make a thread to discuss the things that the coding community is going to be working on when we finally get access to the game. So if you plan on starting a project, want to join in on one, or just want to talk about ideas that you’d want to try and bring to life in the game, let us know by answering one simple question: what will you be working on?


Self reply, but I wanted to contribute outside of the OP. I really want to make weapons that feature ballistics and physically simulated bullets since maps are going to be much larger. I also plan to make vehicles and aircraft to take advantage of the larger maps. Hopefully I can make these in an addon format so that they can be implemented into other gamemodes :slight_smile:

C’mon dude, there’s at least three different threads covering this same topic already. All of which have been active within the last week.


It’s all in general though, and I think at best one of them is active. But I want to talk with coders about making things in an area that seems to be more appropriate. Talking about it in general seems pretty out of place to me. I also want to talk more seriously about the coding side of things rather than just free-for-all. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, is there?

There really isn’t enough to talk about code wise to warrant it’s own ‘megathread’, especially considering you’re asking the same question as those other threads, only directed at a smaller subset of people instead.

Just post your ideas in one of those threads instead or discuss them on discord, I’m sure the reaction will be the same regardless of whether you’re thinking of doing code work, model work or mapping. Alternatively, work on some designs/concepts and post them as their own thread (Something this forum handles much better as large threads tend to become painful to navigate after enough posts)

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I wasn’t really trying to trying to create a megathread, just a place to talk with other coders about whatever we were planning on and how we were going to do it. I already like to participate in other threads talking about it, but I still feel like a lot of the discussion is a bit limited to just spit-balling ideas. While I do like doing that, I still would really like to talk code. And I do want to post some concepts, but I felt like posting one off threads would’ve been clutter. But I can consider making individual threads for that if it’s really a better option.

But the discord is something I didn’t consider, which I will check out!

As I’ve been working on a bunch of assets for fun, I want to put them to use of course. Along side just releasing them, I think I’ll be recreating flood in a toony and fun style with terry’s model.

Lets let this thread die please. We already have enough WAYWO threads. Don’t post here everyone.