What wiremod tools should I block?

So, I was wondering exactly which wiremod tools I should block? Basically what I’ve done is I restricted Expressions 2 to VIP only. Blocked turrets, but what other tools should I block to avoid abuse etc.

Blocking E2 entirely is stupid. It would be better to block individual functions (applyForce etc.) that can be abused.
About abusable tools, you can block crap like Igniter.

Any threads or wiki that shows how I can block these functions? If I can block the functions I’ll allow it for everyone.

Skimming online suggests you’ll have to pick around the Wiremod E2 folder and manually comment out code for functions you think would be abused.

Personally I would be careful and mindful to at least have it print out a chat message to the user saying, "FUNCTION isn’t allowed." or induce a error message.

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Doing a bit of testing myself, what I would recommend is making sure you change a setting in ‘Indexing Options > Advanced’ to add the lua extension with options to index the file contents so when you search for ‘ApplyForce’ you’ll get files that use the function.

The best way to find those is,