What would be a good beginner's project for GMOD Lua?

I’m relatively new to Lua. I already know the syntax and the basics, of course, but overall I have no idea how to get it to work with Gmod. I have already used SourcePawn a lot plus C, C++, and C#, too. I also script in Expression 2 a lot, although I don’t think that really matters.

I was wondering, what would be a good way to start off? It’s really hard to do anything if you aren’t used to working with Garry’s Mod and Lua combined. Something that is simple, yet not overwhelmingly simple. It doesn’t have to be anything new, just something that can help a beginner establish a firm start.

I saw you on GMT earlier, so I’ll still point out some examples of things to try:

  1. A chatbox?
  2. A basic admin mod
  3. A swep, something that you think would be cool.
  4. A SENT that does something funny?

I dunno, I just think you need to start where you feel there needs to be improvement or addition. Remember all those random things you’ve downloaded and thought, “hey, cool! I can do this!” only to find out that you get tons of lua errors? Go fix it :slight_smile:

Its actually in the reverse order!

Try takeing a look around the request section and see if anything catches your eye

A chatbox is the worst possible thing you could start with.

And there’s already more admin mods in the world than you’d ever need.

Doesn’t mean it can’t be good to get more Lua experience.

I didn’t know much serverside stuff until I made my admin mod :smiley: It’s good practice

I think my first non-5-minute Lua project was my personal admin mod. It doesn’t have a particularly fancy interface or anything, but it was good to learn server-client architecture and all that. It’s also nice having a personal admin mod that you can add to really easily to let you control bots or keep play-testers for other projects under control without bogging things down with a full-blown public admin mod.

A Basic chatbox isn’t that hard to start with if you know some basic GUI, maths and client-server-server-client stuff, It’s when you try to add fancy markup parsers to it is when it gets difficult for beginners.

Read up on how to make a simple gamemode. Thats how I got started. I ended up learning so much in the process of making a gamemode (That I never finished because it blew) that I realized it’d be better to abandon it and work on something else

So in short, a gamemode.

A basic admin mod could be useful if you are coding your own gamemode, because you want your gamemode to have something unique about it, especially a chatbox.

So really all things pointed out in the list is essential if you want to create a gamemode.

A name changer can touch on a lot of basic things in lua such as tables, strings, math and other stuff.

That was exactly the first thing I coded without an extortionate amount of help. Was a good day :wink:

Start with SWEPs, advance on with SENTs/small scripts (I would recommend small scripts first, that’s where you learn how to use metatables/etc.).

When you’re confident about your scripting skills, try making a gamemode.

As a great man once said


SWEPS are not a good thing to start with

Agreed - SOMEHOW I managed to crash G-Mod…
Maybe I’m a terrible Lua coder or something else was responsible…

Have a check of the videos i have posted that i made in this forum. That should be easy enough.

Thats true, lua hacks are really good to start learning lua. like esps, aimbots, name changers