What would be a good Serious RP server?

I’ve been looking for one recently, with trusty server downloads that don’t have any shit files like “LOLZPENISCANNON”.

I was on Darkland RP driving around a bit (I’m not into basing, just driving around.), people say Perp. But then they say it’s all taken over by Mic-spamming kids.

My server is pretty good. Even though we only have 10 slots so far, weve had some good RP on it. If you want to try it out, look for Desertia Roleplay


Well the DSG community is serious roleplay. We have not decided on gamemode yet so we switch between gamemodes, for now its gonna be ither GModRP or DarkRP. No shit files, no stupid admin weapons (in fact we have no admin weapons at all), no idiotic addons. The addons are pretty much to accomodate jobs, like if you want to be a PC seller, the server needs PC Mod.

IP is:

I recommed Live in fear. As long as you are into fallout 1 and 2 roleplay.

The server is down right now but vist the fourms.


Here’s the IP:

You could try [Next-Gen].

I left off the IP srry.
IP :