What would be the dream addon?

Let your imagination go wild.

What would be your dream addon?

I always wondered, why couldn’t Garry build a version of Garry’s Mod off of the Portal Engine so the Portal Gun is already…built in…?

I know I will end up being scolded by an '07er or something “DEBUGGING NIGHTMARE” or “GARRY SAID IT ISNT POSSIBLE” but just stop to think about something here. If someone made a mod off of portal, (Been done numerous times), the portal gun is included. So if Garry tried to make a slight version of Garry’s Mod off of the Portal Engine, the Portal Gun, (And ALOT of other C functions, possibilities, and stuff) would be possible.


Not random drops or unlockables, u would have em all at begining.

i want tf2 hats but they dont work cause of models

I have allways wanted a dropship tool. so that i can call in reinforcements or enamy’s by the press of a numpad button. It would be more fun because then i can make wire rangers and when you walk threw them it activates that numpad button and enamy/help fly’s in.


i like the npc spawner tool but i allways wanted to be able to make dropships fly in and drop combine and rebels off.


I would put a timer on it so the longer you make the timer the furver away the dropship comes from.

Well, there are loads of mods which would be brilliant but will probably never happen e.g. dynamic water, a prop cutting tool, a city sized map, a perfect prop resizer tool ect.

But, for something more realistic, I would love to download all the snpc packs that Silverlan is currently working on (e.g. Fallout snpcs, Half Life Renaissance: Reconstructed, the SIN snpcs). I can’t wait to try them out.

All other weapons would no longer work. The Portal gun is the only gun that works in Portal.

Type Impulse 101 in the console in Portal. It spawns you all the Half-Life: 2 weapons.

Then tell us that the portal gun is the only gun that works.

All the Half-Life 2 weapons work when you type Impulse 101 in the console after sv_cheats 1.
Shit, :ninja:'d.

a video game player with high fps!


GibSplat 2.

Well, the dynamic water is allready a reality! Check it out: http://www.garrysmod.com/news/?p=7601

Everyone who knows even a little bit of map-making knows thats fake.

Yessir :wink:

probaly the cp being better shooters than the rebels and citizens

either that or a addon which makes npcs die differently instead of turnin straight into a ragdoll e.g: shoot in neck and the grab there throat and go onto there knees then turn ragdolly

executions liek in dawn of war :smiley:
a gamemode wich is a mix of ALL the gamemodes…
an ultimate npc pack that’s different from anything made yet…
{Prototype} addons…
and wire to be made less complex…
ahh i’d like SO MUCH addons i couldn’t write it down all!

I wish there was a system to download addons right through Garry’s Mod, and you could just do a command that reset all addons so you didn’t have to restart the game.

It’s going to be fantastic.

My dream addon would be a really great (and as un-laggy as possible) weather mod. I know they are out there, but they just don’t cut it for me. Something with rain and lightning flashes… And maybe some disasters…

A lightning strike that hit you and turned your model into a charple…I could try this.

Dynamic water has just been done by the way.