What would be the first thing youd do once youve got rust?

From what I’ve seen, lot of people are excited to play rust. But are they prepared to survive? Do they have a strategy or plan? What would you do?

Cry hacks everytime I die

Even though theres a lot of hype i still have no idea what the game is like or what the hell you even do in it.

Wouldn’t play it, i would be like:

1st minute: Wee! I got RUST.
2nd minute: Gonna do stuff in C#
3rd minute: What’s RUST?

Be disappointed that the promised land is actually an unpolished alpha in active development and a lot of things aren’t balanced or working.

First thing is too be chased my a crazy axe man. halp

The real thing everyone would do is attempt to KOS

I’d jump around like a little kid that got a lollipop for the first time In hes life :slight_smile:

I’d probably say Aw’ shit! I’ve been accepted to be in the alpha! Yay! Then, I might get mass-murdered depending on spawn, population, resources, etc.

chase a pig.

play it and realize it’s shit and never touch it again.
this pretty much happened

Play it for a day, then forget I ever had an account for weeks.

From experience.

First time? I would take it out for dinner, maybe take her to the movies, the go back home and play with her all night long.

I think you are in dire need of an intervention over this obsession with Rust. :v:

Im on special Rust Medication. I gotta take two pills everday/

Kill someone :smiley:

Barricades around a tree with a door and start building, oh and safety in numbers!

probably gonna get killed by spawn camper over and over and over :slight_smile:

I thought trees only provided a few pieces of wood and then went empty?

I want to have a unlimited sprint axe chase with a noob!