What would be the next big "leap" for gmod?

I’m talking about things that improve gmod / additions that make / add things to gmod - like what wiremod did for garrysmod -

What do you think would be the next big leap?

I think more default gamemodes would be good

Wiremod having functions and/or file includes.

Nude models with jiggle bones. They would be default in the game.

Water particles tool, atleast I hope so

EP3 engine.

Intelligent Rpers

This x999999

That Impossible or atleast highly improbable

but actually wire mod and PHX included or a build in addon downloader

source 3000 engine. everithing like real life, no detail misses.

Mind control.

oh wait

And additional content like 1 vehicle and some npcs.

I agree, I would love to play around with some new Valve-made npcs. They are always so polished and fun compared to some of the custom made npcs out there (no offence intended, there’s not a chace in hell I could do better). I doubt it’s gonna happen but I would love an Advisor npc.

Advisor Npc. . .


L4D Engine.

Didn’t Garry say he was wanting to do that about a year ago?

:smiley: im buying one

Intelligent NPCs!!!

What would you actually do with it?

Fill a lake then burn from the lag?

Constraints that don’t behave as if they’re made of tin foil/rubber bands. As in, if I weld two props together, those two props will maintain that positioning relative to one another come hell, high water or undo key.

EP3 engine
Updated Havok physics (I wish)