What would be the right brush height to cover a crouching HL 2 enemy?

Yeah, like the title says, what height should I make a brush if there’s a hint node behind it? Actually, for both “crouch cover medium” and “crouch cover low” please. I’m talking about for the average combine enemy, like the elite or prison guard.

I’d guess about 48 units high?

for which hint though? I checked the list and there is “Crouch Cover Medium” and “Crouch Cover Low”. I don’t think they’d be the same height, would they?

Ah, thank you… but still, then why are there two hint commands for crouching if there’s only one animation/height for it?

Cause valve’s a silly billy :3:

I see… well w/e then, guess there’s nothing i can do about it. Thanks for the help.

:rant: I thought this whole time that each unit was one inch when mapping. Someone lied to me.

Anyway, thanks for the information, everyone. Please, keep it coming.