What would be your dream RP gamemode?

I find myself never being able to play a RP gamemode for more than 30 minutes before getting bored, so my dream RP gamemode would consist of more action (no DMing, maybe some epic car chases and stuff) and less running around and randomly arresting people!

  1. Cars
  2. No DMing
  3. SNPC’s
  4. Epic Items
  5. Realistic RP stuffs (gtfo DarkRP you unrealistic shit hole lol?)

Proper activities and objects useful for mafia and police type organizations. Instead of “lawl you have drugz, i hit you with arrest stick el oh el.”

OP, try out TnB.

Isn’t this… Kinda like my topic that got moved to the Roleplaying-section?

Nice to have one in the gamemodes-section again, though.

  1. Survival
  2. Zombies
  3. RPG

Oh wait, it’s already being made.

  1. free weapons
  2. cops and gangsters
  3. leveling system
  4. monsters
  5. lots of guns
  6. easy money
  1. Coffee
  2. Working in a cubicle and designing contraptions as an engineer
  3. Coffee
  1. Non-existant

Taco Script, if I can get it to fucking work.

But he wants action, silly.

  1. Epicly fast Ferraris on CSCdesert
  2. Huge guns with awesome effects and explosions
  3. Easy millions of dollars
  4. Free guns
  5. NPCs gone crazy
  6. Huge deathmatch area between NPCs and players where they have huge guns and big explosions.

It’s either I’m acting as Michael Bay right now or I’m saying this to suit my insanely huge need for explosions.

A decent prison RP would be pretty cool.

Showers included :smug:

Tacoscript, except 10 times more extensible. Easy additions of models, and items. Oh, and an optional text based saving system AND mysql would be nice.

Springmoss, nuff said.

One with dinosaurs and zombies and alligators and guns and drug labs and gangsters and drag racing cars and durgzzzz mod and skeletons and flying pterodactyls and sex and babies and prostitutes.

Like DarkRP, except that it’s even weirder than usually!

…No, really, many 12-year-old-run DarkRP servers already have around half of those. 5 of 13, to be accurate.

The one I am working on…
too many features to post here, takes 1 whole A4 piece of paper xD

It’s way, way too advanced and is just very boring in the start.
A not-too-advanced RP where actual Roleplaying is being done is preferred IMO: