What would Gmod and the source engine be like if we switched to endorphia?


Are you suggesting that gmod be switched over to an incompatible engine?



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The general area.

Better yet, don’t even put it anywhere.

But if you want my actual opinion.

A constructive game like gmod isn’t what that engine was meant for.




How can OP have been on FP for 2 years.

Join date is irrelevant.

Not wanting to sound elitist or anything, but most >1-year-on-fp people know more about what to do and what not to do in FP than new people.

This is possible but only if Valve implements something like that on da source engine only time will tell.


It’s actually called Euphoria, that NPC-Ragdoll linking physics engine and the free editor is called Endorphin.

I think you’re getting them a bit confused.


I think it might be something VALVe should look into in the future. The source engine currently uses HAVOC physics. Euphoria would be much welcomed.

didn’t we have this discussion when Crysis came out? lol.

Well, There would probably be dismemberment implanted (severing)

If you’re talking about the thing that encourages NPC “Self Preservation” and to make the NPCs smarter, then I’d like to see how VALVe could get something like that to work in the Source Engine. (I’m not saying that Euphoria or Endorph or whatever directly, but something along those lines.)