What would make Dark RP better...

**Flagging/License System.

**This has been requested by a majority of players mixed from Facepunch ,and Dark RP servers. They agree that most classes should be dropped ,and the system from Gmod RP (licenses/flagging) should be adapted to Dark RP in a somewhat Gmod/Dark RP hybrid gamemode. You would gain licenses by purchasing them ,and more serious licenses such as police,officer,and gun dealing will be restricted too application format which a player must be trusted by the sever ,and have the respect of he admins.

**HL2 Over CS:S

**In most regards… CS:S weapons are annoying as fuck. Everyone knows how to use the weapons from CS:S ,and we have to num them down too make sure they are not over-powered. In personal belief, I would like to see majority of the weapons switched out from CS:S to HL2. These weapons are at an evened out state as it is ,and don’t need much work to improve ,and fix up. If a mass adaption was made to insure that these weapons of Dark RP weren’t shitty particle rape it would be also in benefit of the server considering during any form of mass raid (very rare in Dark RP) would be allowed to work in roleplay with the consideration that weapons wouldn’t lag up the sever ,and cause problems for the rest of the players.

**Inventory/Backpack System

**This has been a standstill request by many. Inventory Systems could be adapted so that players can buy backpacks from other players. This backpack would contain the items which the player has ,but if the player is killed he/she is killed non-roleplay items will be dropped (guns,drugs,and other useless items…). These backpacks will stay with the player for Five Entrys/Exits of the server. After this… They will become worn out ,and must be brought back to the backpack maker to be fixed up.

**How Shipments Should Be Done.

**Gun-Dealers magically spawn shipments… Shoot up the city ,and boom… Server is empty or a mass RDM conflict has happened. My belief is shipments should work like actual shipments.

Let me give an example on how it should be done…

The Gun Seller goes to the post office ,and sends out a purchase request for shipments. The Gun Seller will wait a certain amount of time for the purchase to be made ,and then sent to the post office for pick up.
(In this case… Thirty minutes for a shipment of 9mm)

The gun seller opens the catalog… He picks the 9mm Pistol shipment ,and quantity of how much he needs. In this case he has put an order for five 9mm Pistols. Each 9mm takes six minutes to produce. After setting his order forward he will wait in his shop for the shipment to get ready. Once the shipment time is done a message will come up in the chat screen saying, “You Have A New Package At The Post Office!” once you go down to the post office you’ll pick up a brown box. This box does not produce weapons like the previous shipments. You take the box back to your shop ,and open it with a package opener. You then can put the guns on display in a cabinet ,and sell them.

Same process follows for purchase of one weapon.

This would drastically decrease the amounts of weapons in circulation ,and make it so weapons come at a higher price then 220 for shotgun.

**Hunger Mod With A Different Outlook…

Hunger Mod is annoying… (I can agree with this) We should have a different hunger mod system.
Water ,and Food.
Their will be two bars for this… It works that you have to eat/drink every 30 minutes to 1 hour. You won’t starve or dehydrate to death though! If you go below on any of the bars you will lose the ability to run fast ,and your speed will be slowed down a little bit. After neglect too your system for a long period of time you will enter a mode known as, “The Blur” where you screen begins too get blurry ,and you can’t see that far without motion blur.
If you continue to neglect you will pass out ,and be rushed to the hospital where you will be brought back to life ,but have to pay a large sum of money(which could of been prevented) for a hospital bill.

(Going to bed for now ,but I’ll continue to post ideas)

I was working on this, but I never could test it since I won’t have a dedi for another month or two.

This sounds fairly good, abit too complex, but good none the less, two things, though:

A, about the weapons:

It comes with a global damage multiplier slider, so you can pick the damage on the weapons.

B, ever had this conversation?
“Hi, I’m Frank.”
“Hi, I’m Peter.”
“What do you work as?”
“I’m a financial excecutive analyst, what about you?”
“I’m a backpack-maker!”

…I mean, come on…

Mad Cow weapons have a defect though which I’ve already seen… Bullets through Walls, Bullets flying everywhere. (Very Bad)

The second part my answer is this: Tailors.

so like kuroscript? :crossarms:

Not exactly. Cross Script of Gmod RP ,and Dark RP.

You actually has good answers to pointers, be more like RP World!

Still, I mean, guns are made to make bullets go everywhere ._.

Not exactly. Guns are made to put bullets on a target which the operator is aiming at.
Trust me the only reason I have good answers is because before I make anything I look at faults/alternatives/otherwise.

Fair enough, but I guess you can always get rid of the penetration script (Since I think it’s an autorun), and edit the cone on the weapons.

Reason why these guns are needed is due to the holdster function, it’s needed!

I don’t like the idea for the HL2 weapons. I’ve used them so much they’ve gotten so boring…
Maybe you could set some different weapons to the same settings as the HL2 weapons.

Instead Hl2 weapons why not something like what kermite did but with less damage, optimized effects (No fancy muzzleflash, just the Hl2 one) hostler option (Running and standing still) and only with pistols (and maybe shotguns but without the ability to knock down doors), since automatics weapons arent allowed (As far as I know).

TL;DR: Someone code many non automatic in Mad Cows base…

About the Mad Cow weapons issues, whaddya mean by ‘bullets everywhere’? If you mean the ricochet script, the ricochet is harmless. I have not seen it damage any entity. I could, of course, be wrong. And the penetration is realistic, to a point. I don’t think all weapons can penetrate any material; I haven’t tested this, but I think it was Mad Cow’s intention to have the penetration system realistic, based on both the weapon and the material. A Derringer isn’t going to punch through a friggin’ concrete slab; but, say, an anti-tank rifle would cut through the prop like butter, and maybe through a few more. Mreh. I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’ve admitted it three times already.

Hey!, actually, instead of using guns for killing why not use them for shooting sports?, you know… like what DarkRP’s lottery is like (Pay to get in and the money is divided for the 3 winners instead of just 1).
We have the CSS cs_milita props, we have the paint remover tools, we have the money system, we have the guns (maybe making only some pistols allowed).
Sweet jesus I’m gonna actually try this to see if it works (When I can get to a DarkRP server)

Flags, Inventory.

Thanks! I forgot to mention that :stuck_out_tongue:

They added a new option for those with public servers:
People need a licence to PICK UP weapons, so it can be narrowed to CPs and trusted players only.

I’m not sure why I mentioned this, seemed fairly useful to diminish the minges.

Shipment manufacture and delivery is coming in SeriousRP. SeriousRP is not coming for a while.

The ONLY way to make DarkRP better is by banishing everyone under 14 from Garry’s Mod/passwording your server.

Hey, that’s not nice, there’s younger people who actually act mature and you would be banishing them too, it’s like if hitler had killed all germans because there were jews in Germany.

He did. -_-
He also invaded Poland,France,The Netherlands ,and every other place in Europe.