What Would Make DarkRP Better?

Okay so I always see people posting about how they hate DarkRP and every time I see a thread about RP in general it is almost always rated dumb.

So I want to learn Lua so I can start coding in Garry’s Mod and make my own gamemodes, not actually using DarkRP code in my gamemodes, unless it’s for practice, but rather make something from scratch similar to DarkRP but without all the stuff that people hate about it, and maybe even releasing it with multiple options so the admin can choose how they like the gamemode configured. I’m not trying to be the “Ideas Guy” here, and I’m not trying to convince anyone but I just want to know why people hate it so much. I have heard some people say they hate it because of all the crime, but personally I would think that if there were not any laws to break or people to stop laws from being broken the gamemode would not be all that fun. If the gamemode seems to unrealistic, as it does for some people, I’m sure there is a way to fix it, or if you just think that you won’t like it ever no matter how many changes are made to it just simply don’t rant about how you hate it, every gamer has his or her different opinions on what type of game they love most, so if thats the case just pretend this thread never existed. So I’m asking can everyone who dislikes it for particular reasons or thinks it needs improvement tell me in the comments:

  1. Reasons you don’t like it.
  2. What you think can be done to make it better.
  3. Where a good source would be for me to learn Lua.

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Well done.

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Thank you so much, finally someone who understands.