What Would Make You Like DarkRP?


I’m going to get a DarkRP server in a couple of weeks and I want to make sure that it is DarkRP but that it isn’t just another DarkRP with countless crappy jobs (e.g. reporter…) and guns etc.

I’ve read some posts on Facepunch from people saying that without weapons, they would play DarkRP. It’s suggestions like that which would be helpful, productive comments and ideas.

My thinking on the NO GUNS thing was maybe restrict it to just pistols?
I’d also like ideas about how to make other jobs more desirable. Most DarkRP servers I go on are populated by gangsters and gun dealers. So, please post any PRODUCTIVE ideas that you can think of!

no just no you signed up to make this one post what the…
well this would be stupid just to pistols because it has to be differnt jobs if we could only get a pistol. then a job would be like a player model changer

I like DarkRP just the way it is, I’d rather not join the incredibly annoying roleplay philosophy that DarkRP could be improved. Whenever I’ve played on it, I’ve wanted a completely unserious atmosphere and a high risk of getting deathmatched despite that not being the objective.

I’ll just wait for the typical Vinze post.

So the different jobs are made for getting different guns? That supports the image of the Dark DM.

Have you ever seen a community as rude and as ignorant as the gaming community? Every other community on the web, be it literature, science, politics, is united by it’s enthusiasm for a subject. The gaming community just seems to be a collection of loners who have no social skills and are always striving to be perceived as intellectually superior and look down their noses at everybody else. Stop being so juvenile and pathetic and actually attempt to think and contribute to converstaions. Ugh, what’s the point, it’s like preaching to the choir.

Here ya go man:

  1. Make weak pistols the only weps availab

  2. Add something that makes ur community Different. A twist of some sort



  5. The community forms from you. If your a minge. They are.

You haven’t seen anything, and you are going to react like that to what you have seen you should probably leave.

For the love of god do not make a job “Hitman” or shit like that. A normal Citizen can just set their job to “Hitman” and do the job just as well

Ok man, let me put it this way. It is my right to express my opinion. And my opinion is Dark RP cannot be hugely improved. You would have to make a new RP gamemode or get really good admins and rules.

I hate role-playing altogether, so no.

My only suggestion is make sure you have responsible admins that are on frequently to keep everything in check.

Less focus on weapons.

plenty of enjoyable everyday things, like coffee.

It would be so cool if there were loads of status bars, like hunger, bladder, hygiene, fun and hyperness.

It would be so realistic.

A movie theater would be nice to see in town.

Mass genocide of players who dare speak in children voices. That is all, then we can play deathmatch and car races like the good old times, when children had no money.

ive always wanted to play a realistic job with something i can use, Like Radio presenter (Have some kind of radio machine that if someone buys a radio off a saleman they can tune into a number of stations made by players)

If it dissapeared alltogheter.



All I say is: It’s up to the owners to provide more originality and less “hurp durp bullshit”.

It’s not Dark RP that’s bad… It’s the idiots that play it.