"What would my tombstone say?" Ruler realizes his mortality


A quick pose & edit. (no dodging/burning)

Nice. I see you fixed the soldier’s pose.

Looked like a moomin character first :v:

Nice concept

But not good picture? :frown:

Breens too cool to kill himself :saddowns:

deep stuff, man.

I like the atmosphere

I like the lighting and such. Posings pretty good too.

Whoah, this is deep man. Great pose, great dialogue!

nice but extremely generic

You say generic for every picture.

Tombstone would say. “Mr. gun is not our friend when the safety is off”.

I think picture is ok.

This is not generic.


How is this generic?



That is the most epic Photoshop work I have ever seen.

I know. I make photoshop look like a girl.

He could always just ask the overworld for a host body :stuck_out_tongue:

Breen is sadface ;_;
Breen doesn’t want a host body.




Thanks for all the comments so far, guys! (lol steal chestys line)

Very nice concept and execution, I like it :buddy: