What would the patrol helicopter do?

Any specific ideas?

some sort of yolo shit.

It’s gonna be flying around killing people and bases.

On the Trello card it was stated that there is “small interior detail for the players view” and the cockpit/dashboard is modeled so most likely you can find it and fly it around. Probably be able to transport a few other players as well.

Helk said that players wont be flying it and under very specific conditions, itl engage buildings with its rocket pods

Helk has said in this post ( http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1328348&p=43014623#post43014623 )

  1. No players will be flying it (…yet)
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    Oh don’t worry, it’ll have rocket pods to take care of your structure :smiley:
    You don’t know what the rules of engagement for the helicopter will be, it’s not going to be a randomly spawning base destroyer. It will however under some situations have the ability to engage structures.

If you want to talk about a horrible idea, it would be horrible if you could piss it off and then just sit behind 3 inches of steel and magically be protected forever

it will fuck up clan bases and shit that get to large, atleast that seems to be where its headed.