What Would This Cost?

I’m hoping that you wonderful people here can help me put a price on what I’m looking for in a gamemode.
What I am looking for it to do
~Anti-Spawn Killing (Maybe no being killed for 30 seconds after joining or something that keeps people from being spawn killed.)
~No Building (Physgun and prop spawning restricted.)
~Weapon/Armor Purchase (Adding custom weapons to purchasable set. Such as CS:S weapons or a different weapons set.)
~Ability to restrict weapons from any weapon set I add. (Such as snipers and other OP weapons.)
~Rank System based on kills/points. (These points are different than the purchase points for guns.)
~Map Change (Based on kills, and have have kills reset to 0 after map change. But not rank.)
~Option to have teams, but can also be freeforall.

These are just the basics, but what would something like this cost me if I were to offer it up as a job? It doesn’t seem to complicated.


That seems a bit much.

CoderHire.com would be a good place for you, OP.

If you do it all yourself then it should only cost time.

$50 ±

Maybe this will help get you into trying to learn lua for yourself. A lot of stuff like this I don’t believe is worth being paid for so you should try to save yourself some money and use this to learn from.

This is a working script that prevents players from being hurt after they spawn for the set amount of time.
MyGamemode = {} --This is a table, it will hold all of our custom functions or variables. This is not needed, but makes things look more clean and helps prevent conflicts.
MyGamemode.SpawnProtection_Length = 4 --How long before the player will be invicible for after they spawn.

--------------------Anti Spawn Kill-----------------------------

–These two functions are helpers to make the ‘MyGamemode.Anti_SpawnKill’ function work properly.
MyGamemode.Remove_PlayerInvincibility = function(pl)
if pl:IsValid() then --We want to make sure the player is still in the server before we try to do stuff to them.
pl:SetNetworkedBool(“PlayerInvincible”, false) --This sets a variable to the player, this way we can adjust it in other functions if needed.
pl:PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTCENTER, “Spawn protection has been removed!”) --This will print a message to the center of the players screen.
MyGamemode.Disable_Players_Damage = function(pl, attacker)
if pl:GetNetworkedBool(“PlayerInvincible”) then --If the ‘PlayerInvincible’ variable is set to true, do not allow the player to get hurt.
return false --Returning false means the ‘PlayerShouldTakeDamage’ function will stop dead in its tracks, in this case the player will not take damage.
hook.Add(“PlayerShouldTakeDamage”, “Disable players from being hurt when their [PlayerInvincible] variable is set true”, MyGamemode.Disable_Players_Damage)

–This is where the magic happens.
MyGamemode.Anti_SpawnKill = function(pl) --This is one of our custom functions, it will make players invincible for a period of time after they spawn.
pl:SetNetworkedBool(“PlayerInvincible”, true)
pl:PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTCENTER, “Spawn protection added for “…tostring(MyGamemode.SpawnProtection_Length)…” seconds!”)

timer.Simple(MyGamemode.SpawnProtection_Length, function() MyGamemode.Remove_PlayerInvincibility(pl) end)
--This timer will start, then run the 'MyGamemode.Remove_PlayerInvincibility' function after the timer length is reached.

hook.Add( --This is a hook, it makes the function ‘to be hooked’ run after the main function is completed.
“PlayerSpawn”, --This is the main function we want our custom function hooked to. ‘PlayerSpawn’ is a function that already exists in Garry’s Mod and runs when the player spawns.
“Make players invincible for a period of time after they spawn.”, --Description of our hook, this is to help make hooks unique so they do not overlap each other.
MyGamemode.Anti_SpawnKill --Name of our custom function to run when the ‘PlayerSpawn’ function is completed.

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Your bibles for learning

You want to use an lua editor, otherwise writing scripts will be miserable




This is more specific for understanding the script I just provided for you.

That was honestly the most amazing reply I have ever gotten. Thank You so much, I have been wanting to learn Lua for a while now, but I haven’t had the money to buy any books. I am really thankful for the reply and am hoping what you have provided me with will help me move forward into my life of possibly programming and helping others.
Thank You Again.