What would you change if you could?

Could we have native support for classes?

I think the memory allocator in LuaJIT is single-threaded. You might find you need to use Lua for that (or modify LuaJIT).

Having a Gmod Package Manager (GPM) sounds really interesting. I wonder if Gmod has enough developers for that to be successful.

we have enough good developers for it to be

Separate dupes, saves, videos and demos from addons in any official addon distribution platforms.

GMods Lua should be called GLua, if there are any syntax changes/additions. Also the file extension should be *.glua too.

Since BASS is pritty usefull, it would be nice to have it’s functionalities (online streams, fft, tags) in GMod 2 too. Optimally without using BASS and using the source (2) sound engine instead.

This implies that the require() function should work properly.

What about binary module improvements? Could we have something like adding custom ways to handle old/other map formats?

A better server list is a must.
Better HTML support.
Inbuilt MySQL support.
Easier/better way to change ingame cursor.
Allow custom achievements.
Better particle control (AttachParticle - no way to remove it besides wiping them all)
Bigger maps (source 2 would do the trick I think)
Better addon control, perhaps a package/addon manager sort of like workshop but not as crappy.
This also includes easier way to configure or install addons, sure anyone with a half brain can drag and drop but let’s be honest here most of the server owners don’t have the half brain.
Please please please please please better V/GUI control, while it is pretty easy to make your own panels and shit there are tons of stuff missing.
Better function/source documentation. While I understand that a lot is written in C++ and is hidden I would very much like to know how SpawnIcon is generated or how the MakePopup function work.

Also gestures

The biggest flow in GMod 1 for the past year or so is that most of the top servers are DarkRP with CH/SF addons while original gamemodes or heck even custom DarkRP servers get overshadowed and struggle to get a playerbase.

I am out of ideas because the most important ones were brought up already, but here are my few, rather controversial ideas:
-Make GMod loading screens work smoother, so when you are joining the server you can actually browse the website and click buttons.
-Give more power to the scripter and appropriate functions along with it, so making a non FPS gamemode (such as RTS, RPG, minigames, racing) doesn’t require you to hide the player, disable his movement completely and modify his view camera and do some other hacky stuff - in short, let the scripter decide which entity is defined as the player or atleast let him get rid of the player entity completely without causing flood of errors.
-More achievements

swap out awesomium for coherent ui (you already have it licensed for rust iirc??)

  • Make the world alot more physics based, like water physics and such instead of the Source always flat water.
  • Perhaps a different name than Garry’s Mod 2 because if it’s going to be on it’s own engine then it’s not really a mod anymore.

Real question is, why not just majorly update GMOD? I feel like GMOD 2 would just be pointless, cause then there would be fights about the obvious reasons why GMOD or GMOD 2 are better.

I’m a bit of a visual junkie so perhaps more shaders?

SSAO, Volumetrics like Fog and 3D sunrays (Not the average view-dependant godrays. I’m thinking like STALKER). More control over map lighting (light intensity of sun, sky, ambient light, point lights, etc) for screenshots and scenebuilds. Parallax mapping would be amazing as well.

If possible, perhaps contact Boris Vorontsov (The ENB graphics mod guy) to see if he could work with you on visuals?

This reminds us of the history of the game. Always.

-Portal guns have been possible since GMod 9 dude.
-Physical water? They are planning on using Source2 features rather than implementing new ones.
-NPC System? Were you living under a rock or something?
-It’s not going to be on it’s own engine and Garry’s Mod 2 is perfect… atleast if Garry f’s up we know whose fault it is :v:


Also when mounting stuff in a single thread, don’t mounting everything an once. Just mount 1 or 2 and then do the next 1 or 2 ones in the next frame. So the game doesn’t freeze itself to death while loading.

It would be less inefficient than Rocketmanias 1370 fonts (never forget) :v:

So would this be a separate game or just a big update for the current one.(Development branch.)

OH, I have another suggestion
If somehow we could get rid of source2 map limitations, it would be great to have a Garry’s Mod map editor.

Imagine maps 4 times the size of current limit