What would you change if you could?

I would like that as well. I personally prefer AngelScript over lua. Not only does it support classes but it also seems to be type safe.
Not gonna happen because people are used to lua now but you can always dream I guess. :downs:

From what I’ve seen, people have made a 1:1 Paris map on Source 2’s editor (Dota 2)


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love ya James

a way to modify / load map tiles (like above) in Lua would be fucking awesome

IIRC you can already have a map the size of Paris in Source 2, and you can also load multiple maps at once (although you can only play one at once), so with a little bit of visual trickery, map size isn’t a problem in source 2 any more?

Damn ninjas

Yeah but Dota2 model scales are way different to GMod/CSGO.

If you port Dota2 models, you actually have to scale down (or scale up was it?) the models by a factor of 32.

If I could choose the language that would be used, personally I would use Squirrel.

Who says GMod 2 can’t use the same scale?


I would love to write Gmod addons in C#!

Dota is a MOBA/RTS, GMod is FPS.

That’s the main reason why the model sizes differ - the ways you view them.

Do you think it would be possible to use more than one programming language inside GMod 2?

I’m not sure if it’s similar, but Rust’s Oxide allows programming on a list of languages on their plugins.

Taken from their page: “Plugins can be written in C#/CSharp, Lua, JavaScript, or Python! While C# will be the fastest as it’s essentially native code, you’re free to write in your language of choice!”

If we remain with Lua, and we just make the needed changes, we can keep the community happy. I feel a language change would cause chaos.

That would be nuts.
Imagine monopoly-alike parcels with randomly picked and generated builidings.

Of course, especially with Garry’s idea of sandboxing each addon in it’s own instance. With a proper binding interface you should be able to bind a common API to a lot of different languages.

I think that would be the best approach honestly.

We arent talking about a change, we are taling about an addition.

There is not problem to support both.

I think doing these changes with the current version of Gmod would be better then doing them with a new game.

I think the amount of addons that would be obselete (all of them) would make the workshop utterly fucked, and then every person without the knowledge of a move to a new engine, etc, will complain about it. I really don’t mind if it’s a separate game.
Since the engine will completely change, a new start is definitely required.

Get ninja’d James x2

We would be changing engine, and changing a lot of the scripting API. To have it as an update, automatically download, and break everything would be very annoying to not only players but also the developers who would have to put up with people whining about something out of our control.

But the question is, would there be that many changes to the syntax and Lua that people will feel as they are learning a new language?

not really, anyone who is a competent coder will be able to cope with the changes, and anyone who isn’t well… who cares.

Sounds good, but you’ll have to be very careful. An addon hierarchy for instance directly implies a tree like structure. Cycles wouldn’t be possible with that. Cycles sound like something you wouldn’t want, but in this case they are. Think of DarkRP and FPP. FPP has optional support for DarkRP, using functions defined in DarkRP when it’s installed. DarkRP optionally depends on FPP, using its prop protection mechanisms to decide whether players can touch their money printers with the physgun.

That’s the kind of stuff you shouldn’t want to prohibit architecturally.

Ultimately this all boils down to the question how much you want to decide for the developers. There are many things you should tell the developers. I like the sandbox idea, but you have to do it right. Too little control over what devs can and can’t do will cause the free for all situation you described. Too much control will make it impossible for devs to do things that they really should be able to do, which will seriously piss people off.