What would you do if your playerbase in your community is ignoring you?

I am trying to get our servers repopulated again but all of my players of my community have stopped joining our servers. I have tried hosting events and coding new game-modes, but my players in my community show no interest. I have even asked them what they would enjoy and managed to get a vote done on a choice of game-mode, but the second I put the server up no one joins. I have tried idling and getting other friends to join and joke/play around on the server, but still I am not getting any feedback from my community.

I am still coding 42+ things right now for my server, but my determination has been shot down because of my players in my community. Why should I continue to code for something that no one shows interest in?

Like wtf do I have to do spam “RECRUITING ADMINS” all over the servers names. :v:

I might try and do a event where you can win a free game for the top winner of one full night.

Do you even have a playerbase? Because it seems like you don’t know what the term playerbase is.

sorry I meant community

–fixed but can’t change thread title

i’ll join, which gamemode?

Well, if you need a new playerbase you could just host a popular gamemode and develop for that, and expand on it.

How did they stop being populated?

Thanks right now I am playing nmrih.


I am gonna be honest I have no clue. Codmod only lost its popularity because I couldn’t salvage the xp from the database when it got corrupt. It got popular again but died back down to being empty.

Honestly – why not work on one particular gamemode, staff it, baby it, work on regaining a community there, and then move on to other gamemodes? I see that you’re hosting a lot of stuff – but from what I understand, the playerbase isn’t there.

If you spread your butter too thin, it won’t really taste that good.

You can start by updating the servers to the latest version :v:

I’ll join and try to drum something up

You’re slrawling your player base across too many servers, knuckle down pick one gamemode build a community up again on that and expand once you can

The nail has been hit on the head. You need to focus on perfecting a single gamemode.

Also, generally speaking, a certain amount of garrys mod players prefer being able to hop into a server and play something they enjoy, with little effort or input, rather than being involved in the development thereof.

Some people like things more than others, and that holds true for everything. If you’re giving your community too many options at such an early stage, you’re ‘spreading your butter too thin’ as iDeku put it, and they won’t like the taste of that.