What would you do with a weld tool IRL?


Your the only person on earth with it

I would weld people to eachother

I would weld your fingers together so you can’t make threads like this

Are you fucking serious get out.


When I see people kiss i would weld them together…

Better doing it though LOL


Weld the OP’s dick and asshole together.

Id weld the OP’s face to a Thruster and aim it at the PERMABAN ME button, then set the thruster off.

I would weld OP’s fingers to the skybox, i would use the noclip from the other thread to weld his foot to the floor…
His body would rip in half, knowing source.

Weld you to the ground. With the thread.

Sadly he only said weld instead of easy weld :frown:


Weld wooden boxes together.

Just because you don’t have a girlfriend doesn’t mean you should go ruining it for other people, kid. They are doing better in life than you are.

I’d weld a vibrator to some random girls vag. Eternal pleasure :v:

Please leave we don’t say “Lol” here at facepunch get out.

I would probably build buildings or stuff like that.

People keep comping my threads :C

I would weld someone’s face to the side of a car wheel, preferably someone I dont like.