What would you like to see changed in RP servers?

I am currently developing a serious role playing server that requires white listing and the works. In your opinion, what is some features you would like to see added into serious RP servers and also what are some things you dislike about them? This is simply for brainstorming purposes and to get the ball rolling. In addition to what you would like to see, what kind of server do you think would be fun with seriousness added.

EX: SCP-RP, SlaveRP, HogwartsRP, ZombieRP, MexicanBorderRP, JailRP, MilitaryRP

There are many to choose from but I would not accept DarkRP as there is too much competition and the player base isn’t something I want to deal with.

Thanks in advanced,
- SpecialtyRP

is there a “none of the above” option?

please, stop. None of those are original or remotely fun.
The sad reality is that without a DarkRP base you’re essentially killing your entire playerbase.

it’s already dead


can u make single player darkrp i think it will be fun to try and roleplay without any players ruining the immersion by minging