What would you like to see in a Sci-Fi roleplay?

Hello Dear People of Facepunch,
I come to you today, in honor of the late, yet still beloved person that died, too ask you what you would like to see in a Sci-Fi roleplay. This will be treated as an experiment until it’s ready to release.

Next, we have to set some limitations.
[ul][li]The total amount of files that can be put on the server is 50 MB. Nobody likes playing a server that has too much shit on it.[]If we decide on a map, we need to keep it small enough so that finding another player isn’t walking across the entire map only to find out that he left hours ago.[]Vehicles can be useful, but don’t pick crap ones. Also make sure you use some great flying entities. Everybody loves stuff that flies.

Ideas away, let’s see what we come up with.

50mb is an awfully small amount of space

Lasers lots of lasers and rockets, flying cars and lightsabers

Sci-fi is not always future. But if you want it 50mb…

HL2 theme. or phail and /me everything

Plasma cannons, death rays, super nova generators, fusion torpedo’s, EMP missile lawnchairs, oh, and a perfect replica of the deathstar, with the planet-ka-boom-o-matic and all that.

How can you fail if you got that?

I used to know a guy who was coding a starwars rp.

The project died horribly.

Everyone speaks Chinese.

Robots, dinosaurs, and medieval castles.

This is what you need for good Scifi RP


And shark/octopus combination!


And crows.

I see people you think that
sci-fi=space opera, which is wrong. Phail